Jerry Van Dyke, best known for his role as coach Luther Van Dam on the Emmy-nominated ABC sitcom, Coach, has died at the age of 86. He is also the younger brother of famed actor Dick Van Dyke.

Jerry Van Dyke's wife, Shirley Ann Jones, confirmed to The New York Times that the seasoned actor died on Friday at his ranch in Arkansas. His death comes after his health reportedly deteriorated following a 2015 traffic accident.

In addition to his long-running series, Jerry also appeared on his brother's shows including The Dick Van Dyke Show. He also made appearances on newer sitcoms including My Name Is Earl and Raising Hope. In 2015, Jerry reunited with his brother on screen one last time on ABC's The Middle, when Dick guest-starred as his estranged brother.

The Middle star, Patricia Heaton, who plays the daughter of Jerry's character, Tag, shared her condolences on Twitter.

"Much love to my wonderful TV dad and condolences to my TV dad-in-law [Dick Van Dyke]," the tweet read. "Jerry, you were hilarious and terrifically talented – what an honor to be able to watch up close as you and your brother create your special magic. Rest In Peace Jerry…"

Rose Marie, who also starred on The Dick Van Dyke Show, also recently passed away.

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