Shit-for-brains Jake Paul, someone you should not even remotely care about, has shared his unwanted thoughts on the continued backlash against his equally shit-brained brother Logan Paul, another person you should not even remotely care about. Logan, of course, is perhaps most known for his work as That Fuckface Who Trivialized Suicide by YouTubing a Corpse.

In a new video posted to his YouTube account Monday, Jake—after 11 minutes of unrelated shit—spoke about Logan. "We need to talk about brother Logan," Jake said, immediately after a clip of some prank-related imagery. "Everyone's asking me to talk about what I think about the Logan situation and what happened. I wanted to let the situation, like, have some time to breathe. I know Logan was going through a lot and everyone was talking about it. It didn't feel right to talk about it right away."

What Logan did, according to Jake, was "very, very, very, very wrong" and he is learning from it. "I think that in no way, shape, or form is suicide a joke or should be made fun of," Jake said. He also claimed that Logan didn't "mean to offend or hurt anybody" by sharing a video of a recently deceased man. Watch Jake's full video up top if you absolutely must. The upload's description states that any profits will be given to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Logan was met with TMZ cameras at LAX earlier this month, at which point he said, "Everyone deserves second chances."