Out of all of the films that dropped in 2017, there are only a handful of movies that can be designated as Best Picture nominees for the upcoming 90th Academy Awards. That said, one film didn't receive any nominations in any of the categories it could have: Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, which hit Nickelodeon in November of 2017. And while the film taught us everything we needed to know about the whereabouts of Arnold's parents, it looks like one Twitter user has realized that multiple moments throughout the show's five seasons ended up being the blueprints for the nine Best Picture Oscar nominees.

The thread, started by filmmaker Adam Murray (who has directed a trio of shorts in 2016 and 2017), is all about snagging impressive scenes from Hey Arnold! and having them effectively describe what's going down in each of the nominated films. Take, for example, Jordan Peele's Get Out, which is a satire about the worst possible outcome of a black guy going to visit his white girlfriend's parents.

Or this shot depicting The Shape of Water, which is definitely about a woman who falls in love with an amphibian creature.

Take a look at the other genius tweets in this thread, which Murray says was a marriage between "a small chunk of free time and way too much knowledge about Hey Arnold."