The news that Game of Thrones won't be returning until 2019 has hit fans hard, especially since it's the longest they've ever had to wait for a new season. The six episodes will arrive on HBO sometime next year and will close out the series for good. It seems like Game of Thrones star Kit Harington is taking the news pretty hard.

Harington, who plays Jon Snow in the fantasy epic, was recently hanging out in a bar in New York City before he was thrown out for getting far too drunk. TMZ received a video of the incident, and Harington full-on lost it in the bar.

An eyewitness told TMZ that he was asked to leave the bar after he started banging on tables, grabbing pool cues, and shouting in faces of fellow patrons. He did initially leave the bar, but he turned up not that long after, at which point he had to be physically removed from the bar.

Last September, Harington got engaged to his former co-star Rose Leslie, who played Ygritte on the show. During a recent appearance on UK chat show The Jonathan Ross Show, Harington revealed that he asked producers to shut down production on the eighth season for one day so that they could have their wedding with the rest of the show's cast.

"I rang [the producer] up and I said, 'I'm getting married and it's your fault actually,'" he told host Jonathan Ross. "I was like, 'You need to factor in a Game of Thrones wedding by the way.' They have all got to be there so the whole thing has got to shut down."