Donnell Rawlings is starting off the new year with some good news.

TMZ reports that the 47-year-old comedian is "all but cleared" in an assault case involving him and a fan named Thurston Greer. In the alleged incident from last August, Rawlings was accused of beating up Greer, who tried (and failed) to snag a photo with Dave Chappelle after one of his shows in New York City last year.

Then, after allegedly being shut down by Chappelle, Greer started to record a Facebook Live video of himself while the crew, including Rawlings and Chappelle, appeared behind him. And that's when Rawlings allegedly decided to confront him. In a video clip (above), Rawlings' voice is heard saying "I asked you nicely" before another voice says that they're "asking for privacy." Greer claims that Rawlings met him with not just words but a punch in the face as well. The footage doesn't actually show Rawlings' fist hitting Greer.

Although Greer was previously exploring his legal options, it seems he's changed his mind as the NYPD is now having trouble getting in contact with him. Combined with the fact that other witnesses' haven't backed up Greer's tale, it's likely that the end result will be in Rawlings' favor. 

In the meantime, Rawlings, who's best known for playing Ashy Larry on Chappelle's Show, didn't let the accusations slow him down. The comedian has tour dates stacked until September. Peep the schedule here.