Following in the footsteps of a famous parent was never going to be easy. Just take a look at the history here; Shawn Kemp Jr is doing his thing in the NBA G-League. Master P’s kid Lil Romeo dropped six albums nobody ever heard before resigning to his fate as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. Marcus & Jeffrey Jordan never took basketball further than a few years with the University of Central Florida.

When O’Shea Jackson Jr followed his father into the world of hip-hop, few people paid attention. Granted, O’Shea Jr and his brother Darrell –OMG and Doughboy, respectively– started their rap careers at the tail-end of their father’s, debuting on Ice Cube’s 2010 album ‘I Am The West’, which received little fanfare.

While Jackson Jr was a competent rapper, few wanted to hear a 19 year-old Ice Cube mini-me who, instead of growing up in the crack-ravaged hell of Reagan-era South Central, was comfortably raised in the Valley by a multi-millionaire celebrity.

The second coming of Ice Cube’s second coming has so far been more successful. O’Shea Jackson presents a more compelling and competent prospect on the screen than he was on the mic. Hollywood might be plan B, but he’s following the plan to a T.