David Harbour has done it again. The Stranger Things actor has cemented his title as Twitter’s nicest person a long time ago: first when he exchanged retweets for appearing in a high school student’s senior photos and then when Twitter led him to officiate a wedding. But that doesn’t mean he has plans of stopping anytime soon. This time around he's succeeded in completing a third Twitter challenge, and this one will take him to Antarctica.

Harbour’s tried and true method of doing awesome things involves coming up with an idea and then asking his army of Twitter followers to reach a certain number of retweets so that he’ll agree to do it. However, this time the formula was slightly reversed: he asked Greenpeace how many retweets he would need in order for them to send him to meet some emperor penguins and do the classic Hopper dance with some of them.

It turns out Greenpeace was paying attention, and offered up the somewhat low price of 200k retweets in exchange for an Antarctic expedition.

Harbour called on his followers to help him achieve this latest milestone that he invented for himself.

And, rather predictably, they came through for him. In less than five hours, Harbour’s tweet was retweeted over 200,000 times and Harbour’s side of the deal was accomplished. “Internet… I think I love you,” Harbour wrote.

It turns out Greenpeace was serious. Why else would Harbour be in the market for snow pants?

Harbour will obviously document the entire trip on his social media feeds, and hopefully raise awareness for the environment and the work that Greenpeace does to protect it. He’s already dropping some golden nuggets of content on his Instagram with his patented Hopper dance (if it isn’t patented, it should be) in some snazzy pants.

Harbour will be meeting penguins in Antarctica in February with Greenpeace, and it’s all because he’s a good actor who earned a loyal following online who will do anything for him. What have you done with your day?