It’s no secret that Blac Chyna and the Kardashian family don’t get along very well. But despite all of the messiness, it appears as though Blac Chyna is happy for Kim and Kanye’s new baby—even though Chyna sued Kim Kardashian for “destroying her career.”

The messiness goes as far back as when Kylie Jenner used to date Tyga—Chyna was Tyga’s ex, with whom she has a child, and reports of Kylie and Tyga stepping out together started surfacing uncomfortably close to when Tyga and Chyna broke up. It created a tense situation for everyone involved. In 2016, Chyna began dating Rob Kardashian and soon became pregnant. The Kardashian family seemed to try and mostly succeeded in warming up to her.

Less than a year after their child was born, the couple broke up after Rob publicly posted revenge porn photos of Blac Chyna on his Instagram and Twitter. They promptly separated, but ever since then the two families have been embroiled in a tense legal battle that revolved around Chyna suing the Kardshains for “destroying her career so she would not compete with them.” In November, Blac Chyna removed every Kardashian from her lawsuit over her and Rob’s canceled reality show except Kim, Rob, and Kris Jenner.

But today, photographers from The Blast spotted Chyna running some errands in Los Angeles and decided to ask her if she has any feelings about Kim and Kanye’s new baby, who was born via surrogate earlier this week. Chyna’s response was much kinder and more subdued than some might have predicted.

"Are you happy about Kim and Kanye having a kid? A baby girl,” the reporter asked. Chyna smiled and responded, “It’s always a blessing.” She then said something else, which The Blast reported as: “They deserve blessings.” However, it’s hard to hear exactly what she says. E! News reported her as saying “babies are blessings.”

The legal case between Chyna and Rob is still ongoing.