Release Date: 6/23/2015
Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Console Exclusive: No

You heard it here first, someday the Arkham games are going to become like Tony Hawk’s from the turn of the century. People will have fatigue from playing 4+ in less than six years and they'll move on due to perceived repetition. Then, several years down the road where there's a window for a series rebirth due in part to nostalgia, the developers will never be able to nail their formula again (sorry if you pre-ordered THPS5). What I’m saying is people take good game series’ for granted. The Arkham games represented Batman about as well as you could. Lots of villains to fight, all the gadgets, complicated looking but easy to execute combat, fun Batmobile, and great stealth. Arkham Knight was more of the same (which is good). Getting hundreds of Riddler trophies big time sucks though. Don’t waste your life doing that.