Barry Jenkins might be the talented director of the gorgeous, Oscar-winning movie Moonlight, but he is also just like all of us and loves a classic romantic comedy on a long-haul plane ride. Better yet: watching someone else watch a good romcom on a plane. Who among us hasn’t felt that strange yet comforting feeling of watching someone else’s movie on a plane, without any sound for context? It’s hard to explain but those who’ve done it will get it.

Jenkins found himself on a plane to Los Angeles on Wednesday (Jan. 3) and spotted the woman sitting next to him watching Notting Hill, the iconic 1999 movie starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. (“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”) He had just spent some time in London and stayed at a hotel in the Notting Hill neighborhood; guided by a glass (or more) of Woodford Reserve and a WiFi connection on his flight, Jenkins took the only logical next step: he livetweeted the entire movie.

It’s a long thread, but it's honestly one of the best gifts we could've gotten this year.

The best part of Jenkin’s thread might be the soundtrack that Jenkins chose for his creep-watch of the romcom: Rick Ross and DJ Shadow. But it’s only rivaled by Jenkin’s very loud crush on Julia Roberts.

“That wild lookin English cat” is probably Hugh Grant who does, indeed, have some “crazy hair.”

But Jenkins was also smart enough to drop some choice social commentary: with property values the way they are in large cities, a movie like Notting Hill, that takes place in a mostly upper-class neighborhood of London, would be entirely unrealistic if filmed in 2017.

(BTW, Barry, that movie with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is probably The Proposal. Just so you know.)

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