Ashleigh Banfield continues to be relentless in going after Aziz Ansari's annyonmus sexual assault accuser, and the Babe writer who shared the account of the incident

The HLN host went on the Today show and noted that while "there is 100 perfect a conversation here," there was a better way to go about it. 

"I think this was launched in a very sloppy and reckless way because what happened, as you said and you are a lawyer, you know, you said 'allegedly.' What happened, if her words are true, did not amount to something that is actionable," continued Banfield to the Today show host, Megyn Kelly.

Banfield went on to bash Babe and the journalist who wrote the piece. "Let’s be clear. We need to consider the source here. Just a month prior from this organization and this writer was 'Your drunk food choices and what kind of ho they make you.'"

But Banfield made it clear that she doesn't approve of Ansari's alleged actions. She said that it's "disgusting but not actionable." 

"We work for reputable organizations," continued Banfield. "We vet these things so meticulously. It would never have seen the light of day in our organizations."

This isn't the first time Banfield voiced her disapproval of the article. Shortly after the allegations were published, Banfield said that instead of sexual assault, it seemed more like "a bad date." Afterwards, the Babe journalist sent a strongly worded email to HLN criticising Banfield for condemning Ansari's accuser.