Tyrese has a lengthy message he'd like to share with anyone who's been mocking him for his recent Instagram habits. In a pair of impassioned videos Tuesday, the disgruntled Fate of the Furious star announced his intentions to keep speaking out about the recently settled custody battle with ex-wife Norma Mitchell Gibson and his treatment in the press.

"There's some folks out here that'll just take a L, take a fucked up reputation, take whatever negative press and PR, and blogs and people all in the comments and making a mockery of your personal situation," he said. "They'll just sit at home and stay quiet because just maybe that's the type of celebrity or entertainer they are." Tyrese, however, has no interest in that type of celebrity.

"I shut my mouth for 10 fucking years, 10 years, and just took it," he said. "So now I'm speaking out. I'mma get over it soon, but for right now, I'mma defend myself."

And for anyone telling him to shut up, he suggested they instead do the shutting up. "There's probably about 25 maybe even upwards of 30 million dollars of opportunities from movies to shows to producing to having visions as a producer, all of the above, that has all been killed over the last 10 years . . . Y'all gonna have to shut up," he said.


At one point, Tyrese's custody battle-era Instagramming resulted in the staged kidnapping of comedian Michael Blackson. In clips of the clearly fake endeavor, Tyrese was seen calmly ingesting ramen. Pretty inspiring, honestly.