Terrence Howard memes nearly reached “Crying Jordan” level status this week after various Twitter users took turns Photoshopping the Empire actor into Star Wars scenes and the actual state of Maine. Now Howard himself is in on the joke, which probably means this whole thing is either about to become legendary or jump the shark.

“Look here mayne,” Howard said in a Twitter post complete with his own video. “Y’all missed Iron Mayne, Best Mayne, Dead Mayne Down. That’s some bullshit.”

For the uninitiated, this all began by making fun of Howard’s affected Memphis accent from 2005’s Hustle & Flow, which you can see above. As the character D-Jay, Howard turned the stereotypical Memphis drawl of “man” pronounced as “mayne” all the way up. So naturally, any movie with the word man in the title was fair game for this epic meme run.

And while things definitely peaked with the Jedi memes, the jokes were so abundant that you could pretty much Photoshop Howard into anything and elicit some laughs.

Granted, Jamie Foxx has already gotten some jokes off about Howard’s alleged method acting and faux Memphis accent before. But roasting celebrities is always more fun when it’s a group activity, and Twitter united to show out on this one.

If nothing else, Howard was good enough of a sport to join in on this round.

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