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While Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers have been talking about the third season of their hit Netflix series like it was an inevitability, on Friday Netflix decided to announce that season three of Stranger Things is, officially, greenlit.

Netflix bringing the series back is hardly a surprise; debuting in 2016, the first season was a sleeper hit that turned into a cultural phenomenon. Stranger Things 2, which premiered in October of 2017, reportedly had four million people watching per episode. The ending of the second season definitely hinted at what we could expect from season three, and now with Netflix officially announcing that third season, we can start contemplating what's up next for the squad.

You'll have to get your conspiracy theories on for the time being, though; there's officially no word on when season three will be premiering. Until then, you can make Hopper dance to a bunch of your favorite songs, or marvel at the Sesame Street parody. Or you can be like me, and start rewatching both seasons until you learn how to flip a van over your head. I'm almost there, honest.