Ryan Phillippe seems to have made more than a full recovery from his previous UTV accident, as he recently flexed a spicy pic for the gram. The 43-year-old hit us with the ultimate wintertime thirst trap as he posed, shirtless, outside in the snow. He bared the cold to show off some annoyingly impressive abs, but don't worry, he made sure to slap on a beanie so he wouldn't catch a cold.


movin snowflakes by the O-Z

A post shared by ryan (@ryanphillippe) on Dec 26, 2017 at 9:31am PST

It's nice to see some men jumping in on the annual trend of girls posing in bikinis in the snow, because who doesn't love a reminder of how much work they have to do to erase all the damage from the post-holidays binge? On a less salty note, though, we're glad Phillippe has made a full recovery and is back in shape. Let this thirst trap be the motivation you need to start your 2018 resolutions off right.

It looks like the actor has kept up his penchant for hip-hop as well. He gives a nod to Jay Z in his caption, "movin snowflakes by the O-Z." Between freestyling and making those #gains, Phillippe has been filming Season 3 of USA's crime drama Shooter. After some delays early on in the series, the third installment is set to premiere in January of 2018.