We’re heading into that time of year when we tend to eat and drink a little more than usual. Celebrating the holidays with friends and family is well and good (not to mention, much deserved), but with all the merriment comes responsibility.

Having fun doesn’t excuse drunk driving. Despite the fact that driving drunk is illegal in the United States, people still ignore the law and basic common sense by getting behind the wheel while drunk. There are real consequences to that level of irresponsibility. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2015 alone, there were 10,265 fatal car crashes in which the driver had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over the legal limit of .08. The statistic is staggering, particularly since nearly 30 percent of the fatal crashes occurred in December.

To help cut down on these senseless losses, the NHTSA is teaming up with local law enforcement throughout the month to crack down on drunk drivers. Together, they will be dispatching more patrol officers specifically to scout for people driving drunk. If you’re one of them, count on being caught and arrested. If that happens, you can look forward to shelling out $10,000 in attorney fees, fines, court costs, higher insurance rates, car towing and repairs, lost time at work, and more.

Doesn’t really seem worth it, does it?

There’s an easy and sensible way to avoid all of this. Download NHTSA’s SaferRide app by visiting here for iPhone users and here for Android users to land yourself a safe ride home if you’ve been drinking. So save yourself the headache, save yourself the money, and save some lives—possibly your own.

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