With the world around us quite literally on fire, the temptation to just binge-watch an entire season (or even an entire series) is arguably at an all-time high. Others find comfort in pacing themselves by knocking back less than two hours of a show per day, though I've honestly never met anyone else who does this.

As we inch closer to the end of the 2017 shitstorm, the holiday movie shamers at Netflix are celebrating with a breakdown of "a year in bingeing." Netflix subscribers consumed more than 140 million daily hours of visuals more satisfying than their actual lives this year, making the weekly average a little over a billion hours. Of those hours, at least one person contributed with the confounding decision to stream Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 365 days in a row.

From there, Netflix's end-of-the-year shenanigans are broken down into categories like The Shows We Devoured (i.e. watched more than two hours per day), The Shows We Savored (i.e. less than two hours), the curiously named The Shows That Got Us Cheating, and The Shows That Brought Us Together. As expected, obvious megahits like Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why landed slots in the 2017 rankings. On the phallic side of users' streaming habits, American Vandal tops the list of Shows We Devoured this year.

The Shows We Devoured in 2017

  1. American Vandal
  2. 3%
  3. 13 Reasons Why
  4. Anne with an E
  5. Riverdale
  6. Ingobernable
  7. Travelers
  8. The Keepers
  9. The OA
  10. The Confession Tapes

The Shows We Savored in 2017

  1. The Crown
  2. Big Mouth
  3. Neo Yokio
  4. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  5. GLOW
  6. Friends from College
  7. Ozark
  8. Atypical
  9. Dear White People
  10. Disjointed

The Shows That Brought Us Together in 2017

  1. Stranger Things
  2. 13 Reasons Why
  3. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  4. Star Trek Discovery
  5. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
  6. Riverdale
  7. Fuller House
  8. Chef's Table
  9. Atypical
  10. Anne with E

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