It seems like every celeb has their own Michael Jackson story (ehem… Aaron Carter), but this one is a really adorable one and totally credible. This time it’s Zac Efron dishing on his run-in with Kind of Pop, or um… dial-in, rather. Apparently MJ made him cry during dinner. Let me explain.

So Zac was in Paris promoting High School Musical 3 with director Kenny Oretga. Casual. So MJ calls Ortega on his cell, and that’s when Ortega quickly passes the phone to Efron who he knew was a huge MJ fan. As Zac recounted on an episode of BBC One’s The Graham Norton Show, “He hands me the phone, and I was like, 'Uh, hello?' And I hear, 'Hi, who's this?'" Efron said. "I was like, 'Uh, this is Zac Efron. I'm a massive fan, and I'm an actor, and you're like my hero.' I was just at a loss for words." Jackson responded saying, "That's really nice. Can you hand the phone back to Kenny?"

But it gets better!

Apparently it took MJ a beat to remember why Zac’s name sounded so familiar. Talk about famous people problems. Anyway. Michael calls back a second time, this time to tell Zac that he’s a fan of his. According to Efron, Michael was all, "Oh, this is Zac from High School Musical? [...] I love what you do. I'm a huge fan," Efron claims Jackson said. "I lost it...I lost my balance; I think I fell over into the wall...I started crying. I was a mess."

Don’t worry, Zac. We’d be shook too.