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For all the comic-crazed kids out there who have a written storyline they've been dying to execute, but lack the artistic talent, you're in luck. Marvel is collaborating with Tap Tap Comics to create an app so real-world superheros can build illustrations, write their storylines, and create their "Own Marvel Universe."

The app, titled Marvel: Create Your Own, will allow users to chose from an array of artistic details, and build a comic with pre-made illustrations. The user has the ability to pick from a variety of costumes, poses, and backgrounds, and simply add a speech bubble in which writers can go to town. Essentially, your superhero's story doesn't have to take a hit just because you can't draw.

While certain outlets are praising the app because of the gap this new app is bridging, following the announcement on Marvel's website, there has a great deal of criticism circulating because of the limitations the company has imposed. Numerous terms regarding property rights, and how comics can be distributed post-production, have been put in place. Essentially, Marvel would maintain full ownership over anything created.

In addition to the property rights, some of the details seen in most comics, like firearms, sensationalism, or anything that is not kid-friendly, is explicitly prohibited on the app. How many times did Ryan Reynolds do something totally obscene in Deadpool? Yeah... exactly. 

Although the app doesn't yet have a release date, a promotional video that highlights some of the app's features can be viewed above. Additionally, prospective users can sign up for a mailing list to receive all Create Your Own related news here