The trailer for Woody Woodpecker dropped this week … and its pretty cringeworthy.

You may remember the character from his animated TV series, The Woody Woodpecker Show. One of the earliest episodes aired in 1957, and the Walter Lantz–created cartoon was syndicated for several years with reruns showing on NBC and Cartoon Network. An updated iteration led to The New Woody Woodpecker Show, featuring the adventures of new characters Andy Panda, Chilly Willy, and Inspector Willoughby.

This live-action comedy adaption might just ruin all your good memories about the show. The trailer shows Woody getting into trouble after he finds out someone's trying to construct new homes in his neck of the woods. He begins to torment his visitors, surprising them while they’re eating and even pooping on one. There's a scene where he pecks away two kids' clothes until they're in their undergarments. (Yeah.) Really, he’s just trying to annoy everyone he sees in sight.

Thank God this is a straight-to-DVD film (out Feb. 6!!) because I don’t think anybody could even get through the whole trailer without stopping it halfway. That mocking laugh was cute and funny when we were kids, but imagine having to sit through it for 84 minutes?