In what is perhaps the most, let's say dedicated, news you'll hear all week, a group of roughly 50 people (and growing) have already lined up outside of the iconic Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood in anticipation of the new Star Wars film, which won't be released for another seven days.

According to Variety, the line started in earnest on Thursday evening with a group of more than a dozen people who will spend their next six-and-a-half days missing work, sleeping on the sidewalk, and maybe not bathing in order to see a flick that will probably be shown on television 10 times a week some day.

As reported by Variety, two of the first diehards to claim a spot were Australians Andrew Porters and Caroline Ritter, a married couple who tied the knot in a Star Wars themed ceremony that took place two years ago, in the same spot, just prior to the first showing of 2015's The Force Awakens:

The couple is part of an organization called who organizes lines for each Star Wars release, dating back to 1977, and which I assure you is real (read all about them here). In addition to sacrificing a significant chunk of their time to be the first to see the movie, this year the group is raising money for Starlight Childrens Foundation. Guess there are much worse things in life to be than a nerd with a heart of gold.

For those of you not able to match their commitment (be it because you're paid by the hour, have kids, or you know, you just don't want to wait in a line for that long) you can catch the blockbuster when it's released (or, probably more realistically a few days after) on December 15.

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