When we last left Lindsay Lohan, we were trying to figure out why the hell she wanted Kendrick Lamar to slide into her DMs. Maybe LiLo wanted an early copy of Damn in reverse? Whatever the case may be, that's an unsolved mystery that was put on the back burner after images (and videos) appeared on the @KoreanHulk Instagram of Lohan and some dude who looks like he ate about five Lindsay Lohans.

Considering that LiLo isn't blonde, we have to assume that there's no trouble brewing, but really, what's good with this? Especially since it's not like they are in just a few shots; LiLo has been on dude's IG a number of times since the summer.

Interesting to note that LiLo wouldn't use the word "fucks" in the above video.

They even hit the Milly Rock together...as bees?


While the majority of the above Instagram posts come from August, LiLo and the Korean Hulk, the pair reappeared on dude's IG a couple of times in October.

Who the hell is dude and why would he be rolling with LiLo, you might be asking? Well, his name is Je-yong Ha, and he's known as the "Korean Hulk" due to how he resembles the Marvel Comics character. It's said that he's not only a billionaire, but he's also a championship powerlifter and arm wrestler. How did he link up with Lohan? Who's to say; she's been spending a lot of time overseas, and one has to imagine that these rich birds of a feather would at some point flock together.

Vanity Fair did reach out to a source close to Lohan, who said that LiLo and Ha "are 100 percent not dating at all. They’re just friends." So, that's that, but for a moment...it did kind of look like they were really comfortable together, right?