Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted that his grandmother, Abuela Mundi, has died. “Abuela Mundi passed away this Christmas morning," Miranda said. "I may have more words in the days to come but for now my heart is in pieces and that’s where it’s gonna be for a bit.”

Abuela Mundi is Miranda’s paternal grandmother. Miranda's tweet included black-and-white photos of her, two of which feature his 3-year-old son, Sebastian. In another photo, Miranda can be seen hugging his grandmother in a hospital bed.

Miranda and his grandmother had a close relationship. He previously wrote in personal essay for Broadway.com that Mundi inspired the character of Abuela Claudia in his first and Tony-winning musical, In the Heights. “She took care of my father when he was a kid in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. His parents never stopped working, and when I was born, she came to take care of me and my sister [in Washington Heights],” Miranda explained.

However, it appears Mundi was not the biggest fan of In the Heights. Back in February of 2015, Miranda tweeted “Abuela Mundi is seeing the [matinee]. Hope she likes Hamilton better than Heights, to which she said, ‘you had me win the lotto and you KILLED ME?’” Of course, Mundi would see Hamilton transform Miranda into a central pop culture figure.