Broadcasting legend and global fashion icon Larry King's recent exhaling of cucumber-flavored vapor has further solidified his legacy as That Dude. The listless stalkers over at TMZ captured King outside Craig's in West Hollywood Wednesday night and asked him who he thought should replace disgraced former Today show creep Matt Lauer. King had no answer for that question, but did have his interest piqued by a nearby vaping device.


"That's good smoke," King told a passerby. "What is it?" The unidentified woman then approached Larry King VAPE KING with the device often favored by Monster-chugging bros who listen to Five Finger Death Punch or whatever and offered a taste. King obliged, resulting in a brief cacophony of coughs. "If I ever wanna go back [to smoking], I'll never go back to that," he said.

If you've learned anything in this life, I hope it's that moments like this are always memed into oblivion. Like clockwork, this cucumber-tinged moment met exactly that fate:

​Also, at least one person posed this very important inquiry:

Tragically, the answer is no.