Today, Complex unleashed its Best TV Shows of 2017 list. One of the more surprising choices was Riverdale, which cracked into the top 10 with one-and-a-half captivating seasons of television hitting the internet in 2017. If you're not up on the series and want to get a taste of its tone, check out Jimmy Fallon's parody of Riverdale, which mashes it up with another American classic: the characters of the Peanuts world.

In Fallon's parody, he plays Charlie Brown, who is also Archie. The premise is essentially the same: there's been a murder (this time, Linus was murked in the pumpkin patch, which is a nod to The Great Pumpkin), and the gang has to figure out whodunit. Along the way, Charlie wants to play his friends his new song, so he chats with Franklin (the only black guy in the show, played by ?uestlove), and they even have a school dance, which mirrors their oddly turnt dance moves from the Charlie Brown Christmas special. The Riverdale cast even makes a quick cameo.

At the very least, you may not check out Riverdale, but at least check out Chuck and the gang putting on a holiday play. 'Tis the season and all of that.