Being the villain in one of the biggest sexual scandals in modern history has cost Harvey Weinstein not only his name and career, but a chunk of his fortune. Now, his ex-wife Eve Chilton is worried that with all of the lawsuits piling up, he will soon go broke and be unable to pay child support for their three daughters.

“He’s pre-paying many, many lawyers many, many millions of dollars to defend himself against these lawsuits all over the world,” Chilton’s lawyer, Bonnie Rabin, declared in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday while citing 7 lawsuits the disgraced mogul is currently up against.

Chilton fears the numerous accusations against her ex-husband are not going to let up any time soon. The ongoing scandal could do a number on his $240 million net worth, leaving him unable to fork over the $5 million in child support he still owes. One of Weinstein’s lawyers, Steven Silpe, represented the film mogul in court and argued that his client has never missed a payment to his ex-wife in 14 years and has no reason to start now. The judge is reportedly considering a probe into Weinstein’s finances in order to make a better determination on the merits of Chilton’s case.

Chilton met Weinstein back at 1986 when she was his assistant at Miramax and married him the following year. They divorced in 2004, leaving Chilton with ownership of their Central park apartment, which she later sold for $23 million.