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Last week, Disney World unveiled their new "animatronic Donald Trump" in their Hall of Presidents. The robot manages to look even sicklier and more petrifying than the real human being, and a young liberal comedian’s recent reaction to it has been much the same as many other people’s reactions would be to seeing Trump in the wild.

Actor and comedian Jay Malsky found himself in the Hall of Presidents at Disney World and decided to protest the animatronic Trump. "I’ll never get this close in real life probs," Malsky mused, before he truly went for it. As soon as the robotic Trump started speaking, Malsky started yelling, "Lock him up!" loudly and nonstop to the audible groans of others in the audience.

I protested @realDonaldTrump at the #hallofpresidents cuz I'll never get this close in real life probs. #lockhimup

— Earnest Gay Thoughts (@JayMalsky) December 27, 2017

While it’s relatively easy to understand Malsky’s visceral and uncontrollable knee-jerk negative reaction to being slapped in the face with the fact that Trump is indeed the current President of the United States, social media’s reaction to his outburst was mixed.

On the one hand, some applauded his protest. After all, the #resistance never stops, right?

Not all heroes wear capes

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) December 28, 2017

I still think the crowd should just bum rush the stage, drag the Trump robot out onto Main Street, and set it on fire.

— Ron Hogan (@RonHogan) December 28, 2017

Others, however, were not thrilled with Malsky’s preferred form of protesting—essentially yelling at a monstrous animatronic that cannot talk back or even understand the yelling—as well as his choice of venue.

Disney World is a private park and has a set of guidelines and standards to ensure guests have a good experience. That video is disgusting and immature. Families trying to enjoy their vacations not listen to your friends ridiculous shouting. Yelling at an animatronic....yikes

— Kenny Liszewski (@kenny_liszewski) December 28, 2017

So brave to shout in a dark theatre filled with children and families. May we all have your courage.

— Andy C. Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) December 29, 2017

Some also went with the classic "but think of the children!" response, which is arguably a fair concern in a place like Disney World. But Malsky was quick to counter those concerns by pointing out that there are other children in the country who are scared by much more important things than a man screaming in a dark room.

Probably more scared than the children being taken away from their parents due to @realDonaldTrump's inhumane immigration policies. Or more scared than a trans kid who fears getting murdered for being who they are. Or a sick child who has just lost access to healthcare.

— Earnest Gay Thoughts (@JayMalsky) December 28, 2017

Still, others couldn’t help but point out how useless Malsky’s "protest" really was. In a time when there are indeed a myriad of social justice issues to protest, yelling at a robot because he has the likeness of the man who is responsible for many of those injustices seems pretty low on the list.

BREAKING: After seeing the video of some dude yelling at a robot trump, Trump has announced that he is stepping down so Hillary Clinton can become president.

— Joseph Machado (@TravelByDoom) December 28, 2017

I wonder if that guy knows he really shouted at the Hillary robot they made to look like Trump.

— Chad Felix Greene (@chadfelixg) December 28, 2017

.@JayMalsky You didn't protest Trump. You just screamed at an animatronic and probably ruined quite a few family vacations.

That's just pathetic.

— Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) December 28, 2017

The Trump robot is now in Robot Jail, and the Hillary robot is now President of the Robots. Never let anyone tell you to stop chasing your dreams.

— Jim Treacher is a dumb pseudonym (@jtLOL) December 28, 2017