People on both sides of the aisle can finally come to one agreement: the animatronic Donald Trump for Disney’s Hall of Presidents is terrifying. On Tuesday the theme park revealed the robotic replica that looks even more sickly than the original. Late Night host Seth Meyers used his show to roast the cyborg, and then used an image of the animatronic Trump for all other Trump-related news.

“Disney World, is that supposed to go in the Haunted Mansion?” Meyers said Tuesday night. “Did you paint some glue on his head and then throw the wig from 10 feet away?”

He’s not the only animatronic Donald Trump critic. Even Fox News scrutinized the depiction, noting it looks more like Jon Voight than Trump. As if one repulsive leader wasn’t enough, a Twitter user put audio of Trump’s most compromising speeches and the audio from the Access Hollywood tape over video of the animatronic Trump moving. At this point, Trump’s clone might be the only thing with an approval rating lower than Trump’s.

“I think, as our Christmas gift to ourselves, we’re just going to use that as our Trump picture from now on,” Meyers said. He proceeded to slap robo-Trump’s image next to him to discuss Vladimir Putin, a Washington Post story, and a conversation between Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May. Check out the clip from Late Night above.