SNL is back with another Christmas-themed cold open.

After parodying A Christmas Carol that featured Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump visited by the ghosts of his past, present, and future, SNL decides to address SNL threw it back to everyone’s favorite thing to do as a kid – visiting Santa at the mall.

Kenan Thompson, who is Santa, and Kate Mckinnon, who is an elf, field questions from a bunch of kids who tell him what they want for Christmas. But instead of toys, these kids are asking about sexual harassment scandals involving Al Franken and Roy Moore. One boy wondered why Trump wasn’t on the naughty list, while another girl asked about the tax bill. These kids were so in-tune with the news that topics like why NFL players were kneeling, Trump’s love affair with coal, and Nazis received some hilarious reactions from the adults.

You can watch it above.