As the Hollywood dominoes continue to fall amid allegations of the worst kind, one has to wonder about the potential long-standing effects of the transpiring events. Will these firings, bans, and protests matter next year? Will proven predators be back at work in the near future, receiving prominent billing by movie studios? Only time will tell. But Bryan Singer, the director of X:Men Apocalypse who’s currently under fire himself, believes that Kevin Spacey, accused by costar Gabriel Payne of inappropriate behavior on the set of 1995’s The Usual Suspects (directed by Singer as well), will be able to work again; more importantly, Singer believes that he and Kevin Spacey will be able to work together again. 

TMZ caught up with the 52-year-old director leaving a burger joint in Hollywood and asked him whether the allegations levied against Spacey had any truth to them. Singer immediately denied it, but did give an indication that he believes the 58-year-old actor will be able to work again. Gradually, being badgered with questions caused Singer to reveal that he would still indeed work with Spacey—if it was the right script, naturally. “He’s a guy that I helped launch his career,” Singer said. “He’s an acquaintance of mine, and it depends on the project I guess.”

Of course Singer would be willing to look past Spacey’s history; he has been accused of sexual misconduct as well. In a lawsuit filed on Nov. 30, Singer was accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old boy in 2003 at a yacht party in Seattle. Cesar Sanchez-Guzman said that he met Singer for the first time at the party and was offered a tour of the boat by the director. At some point during the tour, Singer allegedly demanded sex from Sanchez-Guzman. Singer has denied these allegations altogether. 

Singer was fired from his directing role for the upcoming Bohemian Rhapsody for failing to report to set, according to Variety

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