Sean Astin won over Stranger Things fans with his performance of Bob Newby in season 2, so much that he's surely gotten a notification or two of praise from viewers on Twitter. In a humorous mixup, Astin saw "Big Sean" trending Friday and thought it was about him, not realizing the Detroit rapper just dropped his highly anticipated collab project with Metro Boomin

Big Sean responded to Aston while simultaneously managing to spoil perhaps the biggest moment of the second season. We're nice enough to let you know: SPOILERS HEAD.

Big Sean didn’t preface his tweet with a spoiler alert heads-up for Stranger Things fans. “I was pissed when that demi-dog ate you n you died in season 2 of Stranger Things man,” Sean tweeted. "You were a good dude. I’m a fan...if that makes you feel any better.”

People quickly jumped on Sean Don’s case. 

Stranger Things 3 is already in the early stages of development, with creators Ross and Matt Duffer revealing the next season won’t necessarily be bigger in scale during an interview with IndieWire. “What I am really excited about is giving these characters an interesting journey to go on,” Matt Duffer said. The brothers plan to hone in on an experience “almost weirdly more intimate” and “ a lot of fun.”

If Sean Astin makes a return, let's hope Big Sean keeps quiet about it on social media.

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