Wholesome Twitter has been circulating tons of hilarious responses lately to the newest meme that has people listing things they feel are better than sex. 

The meme originally surfaced when one account used the meme format to tweet: "yeah sex is cool but have you ever had garlic bread?"

Since then, the original tweet has received over 10,000 interactions. As of this November, the light-hearted meme format made a resurgence. Practically everyone on the internet is joining in with their own takes on things that are better than sex. 

The versatility of this meme has lent itself to some pretty hilarious responses. Users have named things as serious as "receiving emotional support from a like-minded individual" to "waking up thirsty as hell and chugging ice cold water."  

People have also been using the meme to laugh through the pain of such serious issues as net neutrality, gender inequality, and a failing infrastructure. If there's one thing Twitter is good for, it's a laugh at our own collective expense. Yeah sex is cool but have you ever used a meme to cope with the daily trauma of living in 2017?

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