After spending nearly a year hoping that you could go back to the days of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, your dream may be coming true, but it's not exactly how you imagined it would be. Barry and Joe: The Animated Series follows the 44th President of the United States and his Vice President as they travel back in time, with the help of Neil deGrasse Tyson, to right the wrongs of the past.

Barry and Joe creator Adam Reid describes the show as an "adult animated sci-fi sitcom," while a blurb in Vice sums it up as "Jonny Quest meets Quantum Leap, if Jonny and Hadji were actually former Democratic leaders and the entire Hanna-Barbera writing staff were on mescaline during development." Fair enough. 

Reid launched a Kickstarter with the hopes of getting his dream off the ground, and surpassed his goal of $100,000. His show has taken another step forward after Deadline learned that production company Titmouse and Conan O'Brien have attached their names to the show, serving as executive producers. "My nerdy heart is exploding," Reid said. "This has been a grassroots effort, so to now be working with Conan and Titmouse is a creative dream come true. I'm hopeful we'll find a home for the series together, and I look forward to taking all our backers and new fans on the journey with us."

To get some visuals of Barry and Joe, and find out how Reid plans to incorporate that Donald Trump guy into the plot, click here