For some reason, a smattering of idiots actually took time out of their busy schedule of idioting to complain about that beautiful (SPOILERS AHEAD) 10-second moment of silence in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In fact, as was widely reported earlier this month, those preposterous complaints resulted in AMC Theatres printing out warning signs for everyone whose brain can't fathom the idea that silence might be an intentional creative decision.

Gross. Wisely, AMC has since rescinded these warnings entirely, hopefully due to the sudden realization that bowing to idiots is quite possibly the slipperiest of slopes. In a statement to Entertainment Weekly Thursday, an AMC Theatres spokesperson confirmed the signs had been removed. "The sign was up at two of AMC's 660 locations," the spokesperson said. "It was removed last week before the media coverage began."

The removal of these dumbass signs bodes well for anyone who actually respects an artist's vision, as the scene in question—SPOILERS AHEAD—works best when not preceded by an unnecessary warning. As a gentle reminder for the millions of people who have already caught Last Jedi at least once (and a total spoiler for anyone who ignored both SPOILERS AHEAD tipoffs above), the breathtaking sequence of silence occurs when Holdo (Laura Dern) zooms her ship directly into the First Order's Mega Destroyer at light-speed as a sacrifice to save the Resistance.

If you need warnings for scenes like this, maybe just stop going to the movies altogether. You won't be missed.