It's good to see Alec Baldwin showing his range and playing against type. 

The 30 Rock actor is teaming up with Black-ish creator Kenya Barris and Grown-ish executive producer Julie Bean for an as-yet untitled series that will find Baldwin playing a "stuck-in-his-ways, opinionated, fading TV star," according to DeadlineBaldwin is a co-creator and executive producer on the show alongside Barris and Bean.

The setup of the show finds fading star Alec Baldwin as-yet-unnamed-guy-played-by-Alec-Baldwin moving in with "his progressive daughter, her girlfriend and the child they are raising together." The sitcom will air on ABC. 

Speaking of ABC and Alec Baldwin, the former is in talks to give the latter his own talk show, based on Baldwin's radio show/podcast Here's the Thing With Alec Baldwin. Barris, for his part, has had an amazing week—and it's still Monday. Black-ish was nominated for two Golden Globes. Julie Bean, in addition to Grown-ish (a Black-ish spinoff, if you hadn't guessed), has previously worked on American Housewife, Mike & Molly, NewsRadio, and other successful shows.