Unless he got himself a new attorney within the past few hours, Tyrese plans to represent himself in court which, according to every legal professional I've ever seen comment on it, would be a huge fucking mistake. This badly thought out plan could come to fruition after Tyrese's now-former lawyer, Terry Levich Ross, apparently quit.

The Fast and Furious star is currently tied up in an ongoing legal battle with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson. In fact, the former couple was expected to be at a hearing on Tuesday where, according to a source that spoke to Page Six, it would not "be a surprise" if Tyrese comes through with a new attorney. 


The stakes of this particular legal battle are high as Norma is looking to get a permanent restraining order against Tyrese, who she claims beat their 10-year-old daughter Shayla. Page Six adds that an investigation into those child abuse allegations have been dropped. However, they also add that he's been accused of skipping the scheduled court-approved visits he's had with his daughter.

Just two weeks ago Tyrese had a very emotional breakdown that he inexplicably posted onto the internet where he begged his ex-wife to end her quest to get a restraining order. Shortly after that Tyrese took to Instagram to say that that emotional display was caused by the side effects of some prescription drugs he was taking to reduce the stress and anxiety he's feeling at this current time. He also says he has since flushed them down the toilet.

Norma reportedly has asked the judge to order a mental evaluation of Tyrese following the social media breakdown.