Just a few weeks ago, Nielsen reported that they'll now track ratings for Netflix shows. This seemed like a much needed update since seemingly by the day, more and more people cut the cord and stream their programs.

While Hulu and Amazon aren't yet being tracked by Nielsen (they expect to start doing that in 2018), Netflix is. And, on Thursday afternoon, the ratings tracking company released an on-demand viewership report that highlights how many people binged Stranger Things after its second season dropped this past Friday.

Saying that a "significant viewing event occurred" after the sci-fi series' second season uploaded onto the platform, Nielsen said that the first episode snagged 15.8 million viewers in the U.S., with almost 11 million of those in the coveted 18-49 demographic. The season has (thus far) averaged 4 million viewers per episode.

Not bad for a program that hasn't yet been out for a week.

Also, in case you're wondering how many people had nothing to do this past Friday, Nielsen reports that 361,000 sets binged all nine of season 2's episodes on the first day. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing for those people.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the ratings for each episode after the aforementioned first one break-down like this (though the 18-49 part doesn't mean jack since there's no commercials—THR just tossed it up to compare with other programs on cable, if that's your thing). THR also adds that these numbers haven't been verified by Netflix, and that they also don't include mobile viewership.

"Chapter Two" — 13.7 million viewers; 9.6 million people 18-49
"Chapter Three" — 11.6 million viewers; 8.1 million viewers 18-49
"Chapter Four" — 9.3 million viewers; 6.6 million viewers 18-49
"Chapter Five" — 8 million viewers; 5.6 million viewers 18-49
"Chapter Six" — 6.4 million viewers; 4.5 million viewers 18-49
"Chapter Seven" — 5.3 million viewers; 3.7 million viewers 18-49
"Chapter Eight" — 4.9 million viewers; 3.4 million viewers 18-49
"Chapter Nine" — 4.6 million viewers; 3.2 million viewers 18-49

Expect those final few episodes to go up once busy people get a chance to sit down and catch up with the bingers.