When a meme inspired by an action-stacked stock photo arises seemingly out of thin air, it's apparently best to wait several months before crafting an enthralling novella about it. Monday, Twitter user @ajabernathy revived the meme of the guy who couldn't help but crane his neck at another woman while holding the hand of his presumed partner, noting that he had recently stumbled upon additional stock photos featuring the exact same people.

Naturally, @ajabernathy decided to use these images as visual accompaniments to his well-crafted and decidedly sordid tale of predicable infidelities, shocking pregnancies, and oddly timed kisses. Enjoy (or ignore) the results of that crafting below, as spotted by Mashable Tuesday:

Riveting and whatnot, am I right? The original meme, inspired by photographer Antonio Guillem's stock pic, first started engaging in meme activity way back in January thanks to an apt caption positing the "distracted boyfriend" as Phil Collins and the two women as pop and prog. In August, KnowYourMeme historically notes, a Reddit post from user danikger sparked the flame that eventually became the full-on virality fire.

The Shutterstock description of the image is also fitting, inadvertently hinting at the shape of memes to come:

Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl

Anyway, that's enough writing about memes. Is there anything more futile?