Yesterday, a wild story hit the internet: reportedly, Disney (who owns everything from Marvel to ESPN) was interested in buying 21st Century Fox, which was said to have netted them everything from the FX Networks and National Geographic to the movie franchises for the Fantastic Four AND the X-Men. While the internet was deeply interested in the X-Men joining Marvel's Cinematic Universe, Bloomberg was too busy pooping on the party providing facts about these talks being "dead." Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds, whose Deadpool is a part of the X-Men film series, had an interesting inquiry.

It's a valid-enough question; with the MCU firmly-stuck in the PG zone, how would the hard R rating of the Deadpool movie fit into Disney's vision, and what would that mean for darker, weightier superhero fodder like a Logan? Seeing as Reynolds threw this query on Twitter, the masses responded in kind.

Some figured they'd just mash him up with Howard the Duck, like the limited series from earlier this year.

Others assumed it was time to get Spider-Man and Deadpool on-screen together; it makes sense, since Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld based Deadpool's initial drawings on Spider-Man to begin with (and they do have a pretty dope on-going series right now).

Some just wanted to see the Merc With a Mouth link up with Gaston... which is apparently a thing already?

Some speculated that something might be afoot, judging by Reynolds' choice of "curse."

At the end of the day, you have a couple of people dropping actual facts on the internets:

Which would probably be the most logical answer to be honest; at one point, Disney owned the record label that housed the Insane Clown Posse. Either way, this is a moot point until it isn't, so all we can do is dream about the day Deadpool shows up in an Avengers film to MurderDeathKill the whole thing.