Jelena back? Following a three-year break where they both dated other people, and worked on themselves, Us Weekly is reporting that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together. Late last month, Bieber was reportedly seen at Gomez's Studio City, California home. "Justin and Selena recently started speaking," a source close to Gomez told Us Weekly. "They realized it was time to grow past their history and move on. They've grown up a lot in the past couple of years and are mature about the situation."

Following Selena's kidney transplant earlier this year, the two have exchanging texts "nonstop" and have been spending time with one another whenever possible. They were spotted having breakfast together before heading to a church service, just one day prior to her and Abel confirming their breakup after 10 months together. 

"Selena and Justin are back together," an insider informed Us Weekly. "Selena and The Weeknd just fizzled and ended amicably — it wasn’t dramatic and it wasn’t about Justin. But Selena always had feelings for Justin. Her friends want her to be cautious because she has been in such a good place post-surgery."

Following a lengthy amount of time apart, maybe these two can work towards building on what they had before they went their separate ways. Given the off and on nature of their romance, Selena and Justin may not be ready for something serious just yet, but who knows. We're all out here just tryng to find love, so we can't help but wish them nothing but the best.