Is that Bruce Wayne up in that picture? Nah, but if Matt Reeves, Warner Bros., and maybe even Ben Affleck have their way, Jake Gyllenhaal might end up assuming the Bruce Wayne/Batman mantle.

Now, this isn't the first time we'd heard rumors of Affleck possibly being done with playing the role of Batman. Talk of Affleck dropping the character coincided with word of him no longer directing The Batman (which is now being directed by Reeves), and the script he wrote for the film no longer being used. Even his brother Casey lowkey appeared to confirm that Ben was done as Battfleck.

During a recent interview with Extra, when asked about how many times he will play Batman (comparing it to the five times he's hosted Saturday Night Live), Affleck said, "We'll see what the future holds."

The latest rumor regarding Affleck's future on the Batman character comes from John Campea's podcast (around the 26-minute mark in the video below) where he answers a question regarding what would happen to Batman if Affleck steps down. According to Campea, Jake Gyllenhaal's the guy that was on the top of the list, especially for The Batman director Matt Reeves.

You can take this news with a grain of salt. That's no diss to Campea, it's just that right now, there's no way Warner Bros. or DC would be trying to drop that big of a bomb with Justice League fresh in the theaters. The thing is, if we are moving towards Affleck being out as Batman, it would appear that the writing's been on the wall for most of the year.