No one really knows how or why James Corden ended up with his own late night show, but here we are. Monday night, Jaden Smith and Seth Rogen made Corden's Late Late Show quite watchable by generously offering their presence. Good guys.

Smith joined Rogen and Jason Segel on the couch for a wide-ranging discussion on, well, just watch the videos for yourself. Most notably, Smith was thoughtful enough to bring along his shorn dreadlocks, just as he did on the Met Gala red carpet earlier this year. 

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"I really did do that," Smith said. "And the reason I like to do that is whenever I have a big, special moment in my life, I kinda like to show people how special it is by bringing something that really means a lot to me." Smith then pulled the dreadlocks from his jacket, at which point Rogen fondly recalled having dreadlocks of his own years ago. "I can clone you, dude," Rogen noted when taking a piece of Smith's hair.

Elsewhere on Monday's Late Late Show, Smith teased what MSFTs can expect on his currently-in-progress tour with Fall Out Boy and Blackbear with a performance of "Watch Me."

Smith, FOB, and Blackbear will bring the Mania Tour to the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California Tuesday night.