Are we better chefs when we’re high or does cooking high just make us think we’re better chefs? That’s the age-old stoner question and the basis of go90’s new show, "High Cuisine."

The world’s largest plant-based cooking competition is combining two of millennial’s favorite things: cooking shows and marijuana.  In this modern spin, two chefs compete head to head for a chance to have their dish featured on a celebrity judge’s menu. The catch? They have to rip a few bongs first.

"Last Comic Standing" winner, Josh Blue, co-hosts the show, and by co-hosting we mean getting the contestants high AF before entering the cooking arena. Once they’re nice and toasty, the chefs are presented with their challenge. In this particular episode the challenge is to make a Thanksgiving plant-based sandwich. Check out the full episode above to see which contestant was able to work through the haze to create a bomb Thanksgiving sandwich. 

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