A class action lawsuit has been brought against Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company over claims that the company went the extra mile to essentially downplay or cast aside Harvey's "predatory behavior." According to TMZ, the suit was filed on behalf of "all women who met with Harvey Weinstein in person to audition for or to discuss involvement in a project to be produced or distributed by The Weinstein Company." The number of women attached to this suit is believed to be in the dozens, but could also stand to be in the hundreds. Some of the more notable names include Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie, and Gwyneth Paltrow. 

The suit features a rundown of other alleged instances where Weinstein wielded his power over his victims. One such example includes the time when he allegedly ordered a woman to take her dress down and expose her breasts. The suit claims that when she refused to meet his demands, the disgraced Hollywood mogul angrily told her that she would never work in this town again before he proceeded to lock her in a stairwell. 

The suit alleges that The Weinstein Company didn't have an issue with Harvey's sexual misconduct as long as it didn't impact their bottom line. Miramax, a defendant in the lawsuit, allegedly "facilitated Weinstein's predatory behavior" by employing honeypots which were women who would help bring these females to Harvey's hotel room.