Actor Darius McCrary, most know for his role as Eddie Winslow on the '90s sitcom Family Matters, says he was "inappropriately touched" as a young man by an unnamed Hollywood executive. Though McCrary didn't elaborate on the allegation further while speaking with one of TMZ's lemmings in Beverly Hills Thursday night, he did express his thoughts on the recent sexual assault claim against friend Charlie Sheen.

"All I can say is Charlie is one of the most magnificent and kind people that God ever created and I can't see Charlie Sheen doing anything inappropriate," McCrary said outside the Montage Hotel when asked about recent claims that Sheen, at age 19, had sexually assaulted the late Corey Haim when he was 13. Haim's mother has since rebuked the allegations, saying in an interview Friday that her son was "abused" by someone else, not Sheen.

"People who are thirsty are always looking for a good drink, and from what I know, Charlie Sheen will quench your thirst," McCrary said of the allegations. "Drink that." McCrary continued with the "thirsty" line of thought, adding that he "wouldn't be" worried about the allegations.

"But I will say this though," McCrary said. "I was inappropriately touched by a Hollywood executive and I'm not gonna tell on nobody. This happened when I was a young man." Asked to elaborate, McCrary declined. "I'm not thirsty," he said. "So I ain't gotta tell my business."

McCrary hasn't spoken further on the alleged incident since the TMZ clip was published.