Almost a year ago, Netflix announced that they'd netted themselves three comedy specials from Dave Chappelle. The deal, which reportedly made Chappelle $60 million richer, blessed the world with two stand-up specials that dropped back in March. Since then, there hadn't been much talk about the third special... that is until now.

As you can see in the quick teaser up above, Chappelle has a new stand-up special, Equanimity, hitting Netflix on New Year's Eve. In the teaser, we get a pretty ill fake-out: footage of Eleven being dragged around the infamous lab from season 1 of Stranger Things finds her fucking two of her captors up. As she's on the ground, Chappelle suddenly appears and shouts, "Do me! Do me next!" We don't see if the super-powered Eleven actually throws Chappelle into a wall as well, but it's a dope way to introduce Chappelle's next special to the masses.

It will be interesting to see WHEN this special will be taken from; the ones that dropped in March were from April 2015 (Deep in the Heart of Texas: Dave Chappelle Live at Austin City Limits) and March 2016 (The Age of Spin: Dave Chappelle Live at the Hollywood Palladium). Word at the time was that the three specials Netflix picked up would be "one from his most recent tour and two from his 'personal comedy vault.'" Chappelle had been taking the stage earlier this year, sharing one with Chris Rock in New Orleans back in March, as well as a residency at New York City's Radio City Music Hall this past August. Don't be surprised if one of those dates gets turned into a show. Or we might get something completely different; it's hard to say.

Whatever the case may be, Chappelle's back like he never left, and you have to imagine that this new special will be just as hilarious as his previous works.