Brie Larson's latest film Basmati Blues has come under fire with people claiming the movie is utilizing Indian stereotypes while putting Larson's character in the all too common role of the "white savior."

The film will only be released in India, however, the backlash forced producers Monique Caulfield and Danny Baron to release a statement addressing criticisms over the trailer. "We deeply regret any offense caused by the Basmati Blues trailer," the statement reads. "We have heard a number of voices that have understandably reacted to a trailer that is not representative of the film as a whole. Unfortunately, the international trailer has given the wrong impression of the film’s message and heart." 

The Basmati Blues's backlash will probably have no effect on Larson's career, but it only further proves that the film industry still has a long way to go when it comes to proper representation of people of different races in movies.