Ever since Netflix announced the release date for Stranger Things 2 back in February, I've been counting down the days to Oct. 27. The first season of Stranger Things was a legitimate slow burn pop culture phenomenon that deserved all of the props it was given. Whether it's the exciting performances from its young cast to the world of Hawkins that the Duffer Brothers built, I had to make sure I got my binge on so I could 1) stop faking my way through water cooler conversation while 2) enjoying the FUCK out of this engrossing series.

On the eve of the release of the nine-part Stranger Things 2, I figured I'd get ready the way I normally do: re-watching the first season. Netflix, wisely, decided to bet the farm on Stranger Things 2, and has put together a number of ways for fans to acquaint themselves with the series. From dope items for your wardrobe to Stranger Things-inspired activities, Stranger Things 2 feels like it's really worked its way on this side of the screen.

The Stranger Things 2 soundtrack

The music from the first season wasn't broke, so the Duffer Brothers and Netflix decided not to fix it. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E are back with the Stranger Things 2 soundtrack, which was released digitally Oct. 20. I'd personally recommend you checking out the deluxe edition on Apple Music, as it features a bonus "Halloween" album, adding 15 more songs to the already 34-song deep soundtrack. Be careful, though: track titles might lead to mild spoilers for Stranger Things 2.

The Netflix x Spotify Stranger Things 'The Upside Down' Experience

If you want to keep it musical, Spotify and Netflix have created what they call "The Upside Down" experience, where they've "created musical profiles that personify 13 of the lead characters from the show." Spotify then matches your listening habits with those profiles and matches you with your Stranger Things character. Here's the link; go wild!

Lyft's "Strange Mode"

On Oct. 27 and 28, Lyft will be giving rides in Philly and L.A. that are very Stranger Things​-centric. From creepy shit happening to the driver's phone to all kinds of rumblings and happenings going on inside the ride (to, apparently, being handed an Eggo at the end?), this is a true treat for the Stranger Things fan on the move.

These Ghostbusters x Stranger Things Reeboks


With the Ghostbusters costumes that the Stranger Things cast rocked, it made sense there was SOMETHING blending the two. Definitely wasn't expecting these Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi's from Bait that imagine Dustin doodling on a pair of his kicks. There will be an online raffle for these on Oct. 28, so act accordingly.

Stranger Things-themed Eggo recipes

You'll love these Eggo recipes. Trust us. Friends don’t lie.
Get the recipes: https://t.co/yVrTY8LiTP and watch #StrangerThings on Netflix. pic.twitter.com/iOaiqUDFXr

— Eggo® (@eggo) October 25, 2017

Can't front: I'm kinda surprised Eggo doesn't have limited edition Eggos shaped like Eleven's shaved head. They did come correct with this batch of recipes, which includes everything from Pepperoni Pizza Eggos to Sriracha Chicken & Waffles. Invite your squad over to binge, but make sure you hit the supermarket first to stock up on their favorites.

Stranger Socks

Stance is undefeated when it comes to the sock game, and they've linked with Netflix for three different Stranger Things-themed socks. There's a pair with the show's logo, one with an iconic image of fan favorite Barb, and one with a bloody-nosed Eleven. Don't binge at home without 'em.

Beyond Stranger Things

Is just watching Stranger Things not doing it for you? Well, on Oct. 27, Netflix will also be debuting Beyond Stranger Things, which is a deeper look at the series in a proper after-show vein. Featuring everyone from the show's stars like Millie Bobby Brown and David Harbour to the Duffer Brothers and many others, Beyond Stranger Things will be your guide to properly analyzing the hit show, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration behind the series. It might shape up to be a can't-miss dive into one of 2017's can't-miss series.