The show preferred by people who get preposterously upset about dipping sauce stock at a fast food restaurant now has its own porn parody. The patron saints of punny pornography over at Wood Rocket have changed literally a single letter in the title of Rick and Morty for their latest production, Dick and Morty.

Dick and Morty, according to a press release, centers on Dick and Untitty's pickle assistance quest following a Morty fuck-up. The film was written and directed by April O'Neil, Lee Roy Myers, and Vuko, all of whom also have starring roles alongside Leya Falcon.

Image via Wood Rocket

Catch the trailer, which is edited in such a manner that it's perfectly suitable for you to blast from your work computer or project onto the side of a church, up top. View Dick and Morty in full via the Wood Rocket site and/or catch the exclusive uncut version (which apparently features a "bonus Pickle Rick sex scene") via Pornhub Premium.

Previously, Wood Rocket has braved parodical depictions of a wide variety of pop culture mainstays. SpongeKnob SquareNuts, Bob's Boners, Mighty Muffin Pounder Rangers, Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Game of Bones are among prior Wood Rocket catalog entries.

Dick and Morty's release, presumably, will have no impact on McDonald's recent announcement that they would once again bring back Szechuan dipping sauce after pissing off Rick and Morty fans with its limited supply earlier this month. And when I say fans were pissed off, I mean they were pissed off:

Humans are really something.