Annabella Sciorra and Darryl Hannah have become the latest in an ever-growing list of actresses to speak out about their horrifying ordeals with Harvey Weinstein. 

Sciorra, who starred in films like The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and Cop Land, admits to being triggered after listening to a 2015 recording that was released by the New Yorker earlier this month. For Sciorra, Hannah, and the more than 50 women who have come forward with their stories of sexual abuse at the hands of the disgraced movie mogul, they have been forced to weigh the results, personally and professionally, that come with their honesty and bravery. 

"Now when I go to a restaurant or to an event, people are going to know that this happened to me," Sciorra told the New Yorker. "They’re gonna look at me and they’re gonna know. I’m an intensely private person, and this is the most unprivate thing you can do." Given the power Weinstein once possessed in Hollywood, the fear of having your career fall apart at the drop of a hat was enough to keep these women silent. "From 1992, I didn’t work again until 1995," she said. "I just kept getting this pushback of 'We heard you were difficult; we heard this or that.' I think that that was the Harvey machine." 

After dropping Sciorra off at her hotel in his car following a dinner in New York, Weinstein started knocking on her door as she got ready for bed. After she allowed him to enter her room, he proceeded to rape her. For the weeks and months following the incident, Sciorra questioned why she ever opened the door for him. 

One of the shocking similarities shared between Sciorra and Hannah is that they both had incidents occur at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, in Antibes, France. In Hannah's case, the ordeal occurred while promoting Kill Bill: Vol 1. During a reception, the actress was called over by Weinstein who asked for her room number so he could schedule a meeting. He would proceed to pound incessantly on her door for two nights in a row, but thanks to a nearby makeup artist who stuck by her side, things never got worse. 

Years later, while in Rome to promote Kill Bill Vol. 2, Weinstein entered Hannah's hotel room uninvited, and demanded she attend a "party" that turned out to consist of only Weinstein, asking the actress to take off her shirt. Hannah claims that her refusal led to immediate retaliation in the form of canceled flights and hotel rooms.